Result - Audition Round

The foremost milestone has been achieved by Dancing Stars....yes here we are presenting the results of open round of the show. Here in this very first round the song was the presenter’s choice. The participants and their parents put in alot efforts and passion and seemed to enjoy their performances.

    It was a tough job for the judges as they found that choreography of almost all the dances was good and the pitch perfect. The lively dancers set the floor on fire with their peppy presentations. Their movements captured the essence of the music and movements were, graceful and elegant. The colorful costumes of the little ones enhanced the pleasure of watching the performance. The judges made a note of the expressions, stage coverage, choreography and applauded the effort the dancers put in.

The selected Stars for 1st round are requested to visit the home page for new set of rules.
Dear stars do remember now onwards you will be known by your given CODE NUMBER.

Gear up!

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